Marketpath CMS Developer Tutorial Series

Introduction to the Developer Tutorial Series

Last Updated 3/5/2018

The Marketpath CMS Developer Tutorial Series covers those topics necessary for a developer to create, develop, and manage websites within Marketpath CMS.

It is recommended developers take The Basics Tutorial Series before taking this tutorial in order to have a thorough understanding of Marketpath CMS from a content editors point of view. Knowing how an editor updates a site and employing that knowledge during development is crucial to building an easy-to-use, friendly content management experience.

Welcome to the Marketpath CMS Developer Tutorial Series. Our goal with this tutorial series is to guide you through the development best practices for Marketpath CMS.

Getting the Most out of this Tutorial Series

While we hope you take the time to go through this entire tutorial series, we're realistic and understand you don't have unlimited free time. So, we've organized it to let you hit the ground running and then progressively ease your way into more advanced concepts.

We encourage you to fill out the feedback form at the bottom of each lesson if you have questions or recommendations. Your feedback will help us improve this tutorial series for everyone.

While you work your way through each lesson, keep in mind that we have three fundamental principles with this content management platform: 1) to maintain a fully managed system, 2) to allow complete control over the rendered output, and 3) to have no fees until sites go-live. Each of these is discussed below.

Fully Managed

Marketpath CMS is a fully managed system. As a developer, you don't have to worry about setting up and managing the website infrastructure. This includes managing capacity, load balancing traffic, back ups, site monitoring, site speed and database optimization, core system upgrades, SSL provisioning, content delivery network (CDN), and more. Our goal is for you to build a website without the headaches of infrastructure.

100% Editable Output

We're developers too and we understand that not every template, theme, or plug-in is a perfect fit. Every customer is unique and requires unique solutions. That's why we don't force developers into a corner. We give you complete control over the rendered output. Of course, we provide features and output shortcuts that help with development efficiencies but utilizing those is completely up to you.

Free Until Go-Live

Every site has access to a free preview environment which uses the exact same rendering engine as that of the live environment. You can utilize the preview site during your entire development and implementation phase. And then, when you're ready for prime time, you can take the site live. Until that point, your site will cost you nothing.

This has several advantages. First, you can create one or more development sites for learning the system. Or you can create full custom site themes to export and then import into new sites. Or you can create partial modules (e.g. mega-menus, hero galleries, contact pages, project galleries, custom maps, etc), export those, and then import them into the other sites you're working on. The whole point is that you don't incur any cost for these sites as long as you don't take them live. You can see everything on the preview site.

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