Release 1.1.3

Operation Unknown Llama - Released May 21, 2019


This release contains a new page tracking and systems monitoring solution, a few feature enhancements, and many small bug fixes. In addition to this release, we've also been building our new package manager but this release does not include any features related to that. We're hoping to debut a part of it sometime in June.

Page Tracking & Monitoring

The largest part of this release is a new behind-the-scenes solution for page tracking (i.e. visitor activity) and systems monitoring. We discovered our old page tracking mechanism had traffic limitations that we could easily hit in the next six months to a year. And our old monitoring method was lacking full visibility into our full infrastructure.

Currently, page tracking is only used for calculating total site daily page views which is used during site invoicing to determine overages. In the future, we will build reporting around this data. The new and independent page tracking system allows us to better accomplish this.

Feature Improvements

  • Task #2365 - Updated url_decode filter to optionally decode strings as form encoded values
  • Task #2373 - Serve base form Javascript and CSS from the CDN and is not executed until the document is fully loaded
  • Task #2380 - SVG's are now returned in raw binary from blob storage regardless of any applied filters. In the past, SVG requests resulted in a redirect to blob storage.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #2362- Fixed a Liquid replace issue that threw an error when trying to replace plus ("+") signs
  • Bug #2383- Updated Liquid set_header method to allow dashes in header names - example:
    {% set_header X-Frame-Options:"sameorigin" Test:"test" T-est:"t-est"%}
  • Bug #2442 - Fixed auto-check of publish option during scheduled publishing
  • Bug #2443 - Fixed total counts for calendar entries dialog during initial load and refresh when changing views
  • Bug #2455 - Editor was occasionally bouncing while typing
  • Bug #2456 - Fixed error rendering custom field Page List
  • Bug #2457 - Fixed general agency creation issue and year founded field not accepting current years
  • Bug #2466 - Fixed issue where one author could appear multiple times on published blog post
  • Bug #2468 - Fixed issue where changing views fails to load content
  • Bug #2469 - Fixed issue where a shortcut would retain but not show a saved search term
  • Bug #2471 - Fixed issue with site domain swap where it was not replacing old domains in entity fields
  • Bug #2472 - Fixed issue where a user could not be added to an account
  • Bug #2473 - Updated alert to show a friendlier message when payment method updates failed
  • Bug #2475 - Fixed issue where setting a development domain as the default domain was failing
  • Bug #2476 - Fixed issue where preview server was not reauthenticating the user after their session timed out and they logged in again