Recent Updates

Release 1.2.2

Monday Feb 24, 2020 by Levi Carter

This release contains a few bugfixes but is mostly dedicated to a single developer feature - the combination of liquid collections and lists.

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Release 1.2.1

Thursday Jan 16, 2020 by Matt Zentz

This release is packed with features for marketers as well as numerous bug fixes from the last release.

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Release 1.2.0

Thursday Nov 07, 2019

This release is mostly comprised of internal system updates that prepare us for our package manager feature release in late 2019 or early 2020. There are a few other feature enhancements and bug fixes as well.

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Release 1.1.3

Tuesday May 21, 2019

This release fixes a lot of small bugs, adds a couple feature enhancements, and adds a new page tracking and system monitoring solution.

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Release 1.1.2

Friday Mar 08, 2019 by Levi Carter

This release was targeted specifically at changing the way we handle folders in Marketpath CMS. Upon the completion of this release, each entity (and snippet) can only be located in a single folder, although they do not have to be in a folder. Templates, javascript, and stylesheets, however, now belong to a "path" instead of a folder. Read the full release notes for more details

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Release 1.1.1

Tuesday Feb 12, 2019 by Levi Carter

While the primary focus for this release was an improved advanced filtering experience (which we totally nailed!), it also includes a large number of additional major and minor improvements.

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Release 1.1.0

Friday Nov 30, 2018

Following the last major release, we are once again doing a major update. Unlike most previous releases, however, this release has only one focus: The complete merge of entities with pages.

It is no longer possible to create multiple pages for a single entity.

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Release 1.0.0

Friday Sep 21, 2018

This is a major release that adds improved security, GDPR capabilities, user personalization, a billing system, improved developer capabilities, CDN file download options, tweaks to the user interface, and more.

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Tuesday Jun 12, 2018 by Levi Carter

This patch update fixes several reported bugs with the latest release.

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Release 0.5.2

Thursday May 31, 2018 by Levi Carter

We have worked tirelessly for the last month to bring you the latest in HTML editing. Get ready for a brand-new WYSIWYG experience.

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